Microsoft gaming gear is one of a few pinnacles in the modern video gaming world. With the advent of the gaming console - the Xbox - Microsoft broke into the video gaming market. Xbox - the original that is - featured great titles including Halo - Need For Speed - Hitman - and Prince of Persia… and more favorites that we’re sure to forget. A favorite was Morrowind‚ the first of the Elder Scrolls series. Games like Morrowind and Halo showed us the power that the Xbox packed. These games held 3-dimensional worlds that satiated our eyes and our lust for realistic physics. The original Xbox was launched in 2001 - just in time for Christmas. Lucky children - and adults - throughout North America found themselves enjoying the most high-tech generation of video gaming consoles. The original Xbox reminds us of those overnight LAN parties we used to have (Ok - we still do…). The Mountain Dew. The Doritos. YUM. The console also offered us certain freedoms. Plenty of storage for saved games. Controllers with long cords so you could actually game from the couch. (Remember those big bulky controllers the first Xbox packages had?). The ability to read DVDs. The ability to play your favorite music. The original Xbox was one of the first all-inclusive platforms that began to bend the lines that divided video gaming‚ videos‚ music‚ and computing. It had it all. And it’s no wonder that Microsoft would go on to produce the Xbox 360. It’s no wonder that Microsoft maintains its stance as one of a few world-leaders in the video gaming industry. You go‚ Microsoft.