The PlayStation 4 - or PS4 - is the most recent edition to Sony’s line of video game consoles. This gaming tank was released on November 15th of 2013 and it's considered an “eighth generation console-” joining the market with Microsoft’s popular XBox One - and Nintendo’s Wii U. Now here’s what sets this machine apart from its competition… PlayStation 4 is - at least according to Sony - “the world’s most powerful console.” Edge magazine notes that the PS4 is faster than Microsoft’s XBox One- stating that the performance gap is “obvious” and “significant.” So what’s new on the PS4 that wasn’t on the PS3? Let’s talk Internet compatibility first - as it’s one of the more significant changes made to the PlayStation line. The PS4 offers access to cloud-stored gaming services. This includes downloadable game titles on PlayStation’s e-store. Moreover - the PS4 can sync with smartphone devices- tablets- and other computing devices- so users can stream media wirelessly. Now- let’s talk controllers. The PlayStation Move controller is a new advent to the PlayStation family. The Move seems to imitate aspects of Nintendo Wii and Microsoft XBox as an interactive movement-aware controller. The PlayStation DualShock 4 - the PS4’s most common controller- is similar to the PlayStation 3’s DualShock 3- with significant upgrades. Most notably- the controller features a clickable touchpad in the center of the remote. The DualShock 4 also features a share button - part of a new feature incorporated into the PS4 platform. Overall - the PS4 is the most recent top-of-the-line addition to the Sony family of video game consoles. It’s leapt ahead in performance and innovation- while maintaining the Sony family legacy.