Nintendo is a living relic of the video gaming world. With the advent of the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) way back in 1985 - Nintendo’s influence on the video game industry was palpable to say the least. The NES sold more consoles than any other console on the market - and it's a classic favorite for numerous “vintage” gamers worldwide. These games and consoles are far from antiques - but they do share much nostalgia. The value of a NES system is ever rising - as hard-core fanatics come back to their roots looking to play the games that got them started in the world of video gaming. Remember Duck Hunt? Remember the original Mega Man? Remember Contra? Zelda? Bubble Bobble? Kirby’s Adventure? How many times have you beaten Super Mario Bros? How many hours have you spent playing Tetris? We love to reminisce about past gaming experiences. The games of our youth encapsulate a simpler time. A simpler time with simpler systems - less buttons - and terrible terrible graphics. Terrible - terrible - awesome - pixelated graphics that will live on in our hearts forever. We go back to our NES to button mash. To curse at dying one more time. To relive old stories. To uncover old easter eggs. To break the highscore. To relive the moments that ring on in our collective gaming memory. We find NES games to be comforting - as well as completely enthralling. Maybe that’s why vintage games are here to stay. Maybe that’s why the classics are so classic. And to think - the SNES came next!