A "LAN" center is basically another word for modern day arcade. Here we have 13 Xbox 360's, 7 PC's, 2 PS3's and will soon be adding more PC's and more of the newest consoles on the market for you to play on. If you're old school and prefer to play on the older systems we have plenty of those available as well.

Everything runs on the fastest internet connection available with full 1080p monitors to give you the clearest picture possible. But the retro games still look best on the classic tube tv's (CRT) and we have plenty of those set up as well.

So no matter what type of gamer you are come in and take your game 2 the next level.


Celebrate your birthday at Sage Mantis GAME-HAVEN. Normal store prices apply to birthday party events.

Reservations required, please provide a weeks notice, the number of people that will be attending, and the time and day of the event when calling. Our most popular Birthday package is $10.00 for up to 3 hours per person. Please call or message if you have any questions.